LIGNA systems - Your specialist for industrial buildings with wooden structure

Whether industrial, commercial, or office buildings with wooden structure: Our core business as a constructor of wooden buildings is the planning, construction and production of industrial and commercial buildings with large spans. With a wealth of experience, we meet high demands and customer requirements with great flexibility and an eye for detail.

Each hall is individually planned and, thanks to our optimized timber construction system, cost-effectively built in our own factory. This leaves nothing to be desired in terms of safety, stability and appearance.

Our goal is to comprehensively understand the needs of our customers and to develop customized building solutions. Thus, we build with maximum efficiency, flexible in planning and consistent in execution, always relying on high-quality and durable building materials.

With years of experience in the timber construction field, LIGNA systems has developed a construction system method that enables high-quality buildings, meets the highest aesthetic demands and is well thought out down to the smallest detail. No external engineering office is required for the implementation of a building project: LIGNA systems prepares the structural analysis, produces all wood and metal parts with its own joinery plant at the LIGNA factory in St. Vith, and supplies easy-to-understand and clear assembly instructions.

  • Sophisticated timber construction system
  • Statics, production and transport from a single source
  • Simple and fast assembly

The building is sold directly to specialized companies as a construction kit, or as a complete building including assembly via LIGNA systems construction partners.


What our customers say

LIGNA systems® is a dynamic, future-oriented company specialising in the consulting, planning, production and construction of industrial, commercial and leisure buildings with a timber structure. Our goal is to recognise the needs of our customers at an early stage and to develop an appropriate solution for them based on the systems we have developed. Our motto is "build efficiently from the beginning": flexible in the planning, consistent in the execution and high in quality in terms of the building material. We keep to schedules, work reliably and offer comprehensive support on site – during and after the construction phase. Our success is based on the principle of our specially developed systems, combined with an awareness of ecological and social responsibility.