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A construction system for individual designs

At LIGNA systems, individual timber construction stands for system-based, individually planned buildings with a wooden structure and optimal use of space.

In the production of wooden buildings, we use modern and highly developed systems and ensure the highest quality:

In addition to the proven and natural building material wood, we bring our expertise in civil engineering to every construction and make no compromises in terms of appearance, safety and stability.

The decisive factor in the planning of your building with wooden structure is its individual use. Whether for manufacturing products, storing them or for displaying and selling goods:

Wooden Buildings from LIGNA systems are functionally adapted to the respective use.

The timber construction system not only provides a very economical solution, but also makes it possible to flexibly adapt the wooden buildings to operational and external conditions - for example, office units can be retrofitted at any time.

A building with a wooden structure has a long service life and is extremely economical due to its durability.