Aircraft hangar with a timber structure

Whether it's your own private hangar or the common hall of an amateur pilot association or of an airfield with lettable parking spots: hall systems from LIGNA systems offer space for every aircraft due to large span widths.

It is not only the wingspans of the aircraft that represent a special feature in aircraft halls and hangars – the halls themselves must have a large span width, because support columns are unthinkable on the airport. With span widths of up to 70 metres, the timber halls from LIGNA systems are ideally suited for sports aircraft. The variable system construction method additionally makes large door widths possible, through which every aircraft can pass. The insulated building shell prevents condensation and, thanks to thermally insulated walls, the aircraft and their electronics are optimally protected. The timber structure provides for a pleasant atmosphere in the hangar.

The construction of the hangar is always planned individually to suit every aircraft owner. Changes and extensions are possible even after completion thanks to the system construction method.

Hangars with a round parking deck are suitable for smaller aircraft, sports machines and jets. In combination with a round parking system from AERO disc, the space inside the hall is used optimally and enables the fast and safe manoeuvring of the aircraft.


Benefits of a LIGNA systems aircraft hangar: